Medicare for All

Being the wealthiest nation in the world, Smith believes that the United States can provide affordable healthcare to all its people. Before the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1973 was enacted, it was illegal to profit from healthcare in America. When the law came into effect, most of the healthcare providers are now private. Sarah Smit pushes for the following if she gets elected:

* Co-sponsor the Medicare for All bill that provides all individuals that reside in the United States and US territories with free health care
* Negotiate for lowered drug prices on behalf of all American workers
* Import at lower costs some urgently needed drugs from Canada

As per Smith, climate change’ catastrophic threat will impact minority and low-income communities the most. With this in mind, Sarah intends to support programs that focus on the following:

* By 2035, Aim to switch to 100% renewable energy
* Invest in sustainable, clean energy resources powered by wind, sun, and Earth’s heat
* End the huge subsidies that many fossil fuel companies benefit with
* Build charging stations for electric vehicles
* Build high-speed cargo and passenger rails
* End US dependence on gasoline
* Ban offshore drilling
* Introduce the “Low Income Solar Act” that provides affordable solar energy for low-income families and incentivize access to community solar projects.

Caring for US veterans

Smith vows to help the men and women US veterans to have timely access to the following health policies:
* Improve the processing time of veteran’s claim for compensation
* Expand the Veteran’s Affairs Caregivers Program
* Make comprehensive dental care available to all US veterans

Racial Justice

Informed by the policies put forth by the founders of Black Lives Movement, Campaign Zero, and Senator Bernie Sanders, Smith will use her position to demand justice for communities of color and fight for following policies:
Ending Violence against Black and Brown Communities
* Invest in community policing and get officers involved in the communities before trouble arises
* Ensure that good police officers can report actions of bad officers without fear of retaliation
* Require body cameras on police officers to ensure that they are held liable for their actions
Ending Political Disenfranchisement
* After one has served their sentence, pass legislation to restore voting rights for them
* Expand the Voting Right Act’s scope that allows all American regardless of national origin or skin color, to vote freely
* To increase voters’ ability to participate, make election day a federal holiday
* All voters that turn 18 years old should be automatically registered onto the system
* For voters who work or study, make early voting an option
* To prevent long lines from forming, ensure that there are sufficient polling places everywhere
* Ending For-Profit Policing
* Ban for-profit prisons
* Provide equitable solutions for collection agencies:
* Legalize marijuana
* Local governments that are relying on fees, fines or asset forfeitures as a steady source of income should be stopped
* Boost job training and education programs to help former inmates rebuild their lives
* Investigate all allegations of wrongdoing especially those involving excessive use of force
Ending Economic Violence
* Ensure that public universities’ tuition is free, paid for with a tax on Wall Street investors.
* Invest $4.6 trillion over the next decade to infrastructures such as cities, roads, bridges, and public transportation systems, all of which reduce auto insurance rates.
* Pass federal legislation that all equal pay rights for women.
* Prevent employers from discriminating against rehabilitated felons

Sarah Smith was compared with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a U.S. Representative who drew national recognition when she defeated a 10-term incumbent Joe Crowley for New York’s 14th congressional district Democratic Party primary election on June 2018. Both are young women, with Sarah being only 30 years old during the campaign and both a political neophyte. However, for Smith, she wasn’t able to get the required votes to beat Congressman Adam Smith in the General Election.