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Join the movement for a Congress that represents the working class. Together we will fight for Medicare-for-all, a living wage, and a green new deal.

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Who I Am

I am a working-class woman. I live the same life as my constituents; I have to re-balance my finances every year as living gets more expensive. I felt the recession in 2008. My family was forced to move, leaving me on my own at the age of 17, new to Washington state and rapidly building student debt. I saw first-hand the devastation our economy faced as a foreclosure specialist, a paralegal, and a bodily insurance adjuster. Faced with the constant struggle of people like myself, I was drawn to activism.

The military industrial complex and the financial industry have been prioritized over the working class for far too long. I am running for Congress because I believe that all Americans, irrespective of their income, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation, deserve a dignified life where they can choose to live as they desire. I will never forget where I come from and who I serve: the everyday American people, and nobody else.

We take zero corporate money and are funded entirely by people like you.

Together We Can Achieve


A Living Wage Tied To Inflation

Expanded Social Security

Tuition Free Public College

Pay Equity for Women

A Green New Deal

Getting Money Out of Politics

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