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Our democracy has been reduced to an auction of our politicians because of legally protected bribery. According to a Princeton study public policy in our country has no correlation with public opinion, and that’s no accident; the ability of corporations and wealthy donors to influence our politicians by giving them money is protected by judicial review as Constitutional. This must change if we are to make progress on any issue important to everyday Americans. I will sign on to the American Anti-Corruption Act, if elected.

Key provisions of the American Anti-Corruption Act:

  1. Stop Political Bribery
  2. Make it illegal for politicians to take money from lobbyists.
  3. Ban lobbyist bundling.
  4. Close the “revolving door” by stopping elected representatives and senior staff from selling off their government power for high-paying lobbying jobs.
  5. Prevent politicians from fundraising during working hours.
  6. End Secret Money​
  7. Immediately disclose political donations online​.
  8. Stop donors from hiding behind secret-money groups.
  9. Fix Our Broken Elections
  10. End gerrymandering by creating independent, fully transparent redistricting commissions that follow strict guidelines to ensure accurate representation for all voters, regardless of political party.
  11. Let all voters participate in open primaries, so that independents aren’t shut out of the political process.
  12. Let voters rank their top candidates, avoiding the “spoiler" effect that hurts third party candidates.
  13. Institute automatic voter registration nationwide.
  14. Vote at home via mail-in voting, or at the polls.
  15. Encourage states to award their Electoral College votes to whoever wins the most votes across the country. 
  16. Establish publicly financed elections.
  17. Enforce the Rules​
  18. Enforce the Supreme Court’s mandate by fixing the rules aimed at preventing and punishing super PAC coordination.​
  19. Prevent lobbyists from skirting the rules by strengthening the definition of lobbying and penalizing lobbyists who fail to register.
  20. Strengthen anti-corruption enforcement by overhauling the broken Federal Election Commission and giving prosecutors the tools they need to combat corruption.