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Federal Jobs Guarantee

According to a study by Harvard and Princeton economists, 94% of net jobs created since 2005 were either temporary or contract-based, not conventional 9-to–5 positions. Today, one in five American adults and children live in or near poverty, and less than half of homeless people are able to find employment. Meanwhile, decades of trickle-down economics and bank bailouts have done nothing to protect American workers against steadily increasing joblessness.

  • In Congress, I will propose a Federal Jobs Program that would provide anyone a job in the public sector, a plan similar to the Works Progress Administration which helped end the Great Depression. Every job offered under this Program will pay living wage and include adequate benefits.
  • I will co-sponsor a new Child Development Act, which will provide high quality public childcare for all Americans, while also creating good jobs in the public sector.
  • I will fight for an aggressive transition to green energy. This will create jobs in green manufacturing, as well as helping us meet our carbon emission targets under the Paris Agreement.
  • I will co-sponsor the House version of the Rebuild America Act, which will create more than 13 million public sector jobs by investing in our crumbling infrastructure.