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Caring for Our Veterans

As a nation, we have a moral obligation to provide the best quality care to those who have put their lives on the line to defend us. Reports of unacceptable wait times at many VA medical facilities mean that not all veterans have access to timely health care. We have an obligation to take care of the women and men who were sent to fight our wars overseas. I will fight every day for the following policies to take care of our veterans:​

  • Stop sending our troops to fight unnecessary and interventionist warsin the Middle East, which lack both congressional sanction and a basis in international law.
  • Fully fund and expand the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA) so that every veteran gets the care that he or she deserves.
  • Substantially improve the processing of Veterans’ claims for compensation.
  • Expand the VA’s Caregivers Program.
  • Expand mental health service for Veterans.
  • Make comprehensive dental care available to all veterans at the VA.