Sarah Smith, a 30-year-old first-time candidate, ran for 2018 Primary for U.S. House Congress in Washington’s 9th District. She was under the American political action committee Brand-New Congress and considers herself as Justice Democrat. A Justice Democrat, in her definition, is Democrats who vowed not to take money from corporations not only during the campaigns but also during the tenures in the congress.

Smith was challenging against that time the 22-year incumbent Congressman, Adam Smith. Sarah Smith solidified a second-place finish in the top-two primary defeating Douglas Michael Basler for Washington District 9.

When asked how she can win against a long incumbent Representative, and what was her argument as to why Adam Smith needs to be replaced, she mentioned that Adam had 22 years with him to push a strong progressive agenda yet he has not taken any bold stances in those 22 years. She cited that Adam repeatedly voted to increase the military budget, wanting to audit Pentagon and the Department of Defense, yet he never put any kind of legislation to pursue it. Adam only pushed the Medicare for All when a progressive challenged him. For Sarah, Adam Smith is all talk and no action and that is the reason why she wanted to challenge her.

With only $15,000 campaign money, her team’s campaign strategy was focused on community organizing and community outreach which she said was her strength. Her campaign supporters are out and knocking doors to reach as many residents in the 9th District as possible.

Her main goals were to provide Medicare for All, never take corporate money and have debt-free education.